New Directions

Supporting Families of People in Prison

New Directions

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What is New Directions?

New Directions is a new initiative which aims to offer a free, confidential information and support service for families affected by imprisonment. It offers a listening ear and emotional support to help families with the challenges they face.

New Directions was set up in 2018 by Sr Imelda Wickham, a former Prison Chaplain. During her time as Chaplain Imelda witnessed first-hand the challenges and distress faced by families affected by imprisonment. It is an issue Prison Chaplains have raised continually in their annual reports:

“For every individual incarcerated, there is a circle of people directly affected by their imprisonment. Children grow up with one person absent from their lives. Mothers are often left to rear these children with constant financial struggles.”

New Directions (CLG) is a Non-Government Organisation (Ref no 473179).