About Us

New Directions - Supporting Families of People in Prison

What is New Directions?

New Directions is a new initiative which aims to offer a free, confidential information and support service for families affected by imprisonment. It offers a listening ear and emotional support to help families with the challenges they face.

New Directions was set up in 2018 by Sr Imelda Wickham, a former Prison Chaplain. During her time as Chaplain Imelda witnessed first-hand the challenges and distress faced by families affected by imprisonment. It is an issue Prison Chaplains have raised continually in their annual reports:

“For every individual incarcerated, there is a circle of people directly affected by their imprisonment.  Children grow up with one person absent from their lives.  Mothers are often left to rear these children with constant financial struggles.”

– Irish Prison Chaplains’ Report, 2007

New Directions (CLG) is a Non-Government Organisation (Ref no 473179).